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Calvinia Sites Worth Visiting


Also read more about the Tankwa National Park and the Little Canyon hiking trail.

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Hantam Mountain

The Hantam Mountain (Hantamberg) in all its beauty. You can climb the mountain alone or with your wife and children on the easier routes. In a good rainy season there are three waterfalls where you can sit down and rest. The "Skoorsteenkoppie" is quite a challenge, but worth a try.

Marie Smith's website: Hantam Mountains


Marie Smith's website: Church in Calvinia


This Dutch Reformed Church in Neo-Gothic style, was erected during 1899-1902. It is a National Monument.


The Flower Postbox

This post office box stands in Calvinia's main street with a height of 6,17 meter, circumference of 9,43 square meter and a volume of 7,068 cubic meter.

Marie Smith's website: Flower postbox in Calvinia


Marie Smith's website: Karoo Book house in Calvinia

Karoo Book House (Karoo Boekehuis)

This house dates from 1855. It was restored in 1993 especially for writers, as a retreat and place to work. It houses a library with literature by Karoo authors and writings about the region. Hosts meetings of the Calvinia Reading-club.


T-shaped House

This T-shaped early Victorian house was built in 1855. It had two barge board gables added in 1890 when the original thatched roof was replaced by corrugated iron. It has six communion rooms in the backyard.

Marie Smith's website: Calvinia Victorian house


Marie Smith's website: Calvinia Museum

Calvinia Museum

Synagogue, nowadays the Calvinia Museum. The foundation stone of this building was laid on 14 June 1920. It was used as a synagogue till 1968, when it was donated to the Calvinia Municipality by die Jewish Board of Executives, for use as museum.


Calvinia Museum

This beautiful and elegant old building,
a former boarding house called Nesta, is nowadays part of the Calvinia Museum.

Marie Smith's website: Calvinia Museum


Marie Smith's website: Noordwester Publishers

Noordwester Publishers

This property has a very well preserved courtyard with communion rooms. It was used through the decades as house, shop or workshop for several people, mostly Jews. The premises is at present being utilised as a printshop and offices for the town's weekly newspaper since 1917, thus the Noordwester. During restoration remnants of stables and an old well were found in the courtyard.


Steam Locomotive

A Class 24 steam locomotive that was used on the Hutchinson-Calvinia line. Now part of the Calvinia Museum.

Marie Smith's site: Steam locomotive Calvinia Museum


Marie Smith's site: Tuishuis


This house was built in 1870. It displays typical Karoo rustication. Since restoration, it is being used as a guest house by its owners.


Russian Victorian House

This Victorian house was built in 1897 by two Russian builders for a Russian Jew. Building material was brought from Ceres by horse wagon at a cost of one pound (sterling) per one hundred pounds freight.

Marie Smith's site: Victorian House (Calvinia)


Marie Smith's site: Transport wagon (Calvinia)

Transport wagon

This transport wagon was used until late 20th century for transport from Klawer, the railway station nearest to Calvinia.


Victorian style Guest House

This Victorian home with bargeboard gables dates back to 1850. It was burnt down during the Anglo-Boer War, was rebuilt en later restored. Nowadays it is in use as a guest house.

Marie Smith's site: Guest House (Calvinia)


Marie Smith's site: Hantam House (Calvinia)

Hantam House (Die Hantamhuis)

This lovely old house is a museum in its own right, with all kinds of confectionaries to enjoy and cute things to look at.


Read more


Wealth of flowers

It is a rare year that Calvinia cannot show off with scenes like this near Toren. Even the Namakwaland's flowers cannot show up against Calvinia's wealth of flowers in a good year.

Marie Smith's site: Flowers near Toren






Hantam House
Little Canyon

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