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Does the town of Loeriesfontein lie to your east, Lambert's Bay along the Atlantic Ocean to the west, Sutherland with its well-known starlight skies to your south and the dramatic Hantam mountains directly to your north? Then you are most likely in the lovely town of Calvinia.

This town, rich with history, saturated in culture and filled with hearty friendliness, was established in 1851 and named after one of the great leaders of the Reformation, John Calvin.

Various attractions such as the Hantam House, the Calvinia Museum and the Flower postbox, are all part of the town. With guest houses and venues such as the Book House, the visitor, tourist and artist find enjoyable lodgings, relaxation and lots of inspiration.

The area is blessed with exceptional beauty in nature. With a very hot and dry climate in the summer months and cold winter seasons, this Karoo area is more than unique.

Contrary to expectation, there is a variety of animal and plant life found only in this particular habitat. Plants such as the ursinia daisy (ursinia cakilefolia), yellow gazanias, aloes and quiver trees are seen in this cordial, rural country. The Burchell's courser, flamingoes, the Karoo korhaan and Karoo eremomela are part of the bird kingdom and the bat-eared jackal, gemsbuck (Oryx gazella) and anteater find their homes in this region.

With all these beautiful elements: The unique natural environment, the Hantam mountains that gleam with heat in summer and its snow covered peaks in winter, decorating the area as if in a fairytale, the painter, Marie Smith, finds great inspiration for her faith and for the themes and content of the excellent scenery in her paintings. She has a fine sense for the subtle colour nuances and versatile atmosphere of the facets that impact her life, and finds joy in the fact that she can share it through her painting talent.




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